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Asia and the Arab World

Medical Electives: Interserve USA is able to offer supervised, four to eight week, overseas medical electives (with a preference of no less than 7 weeks). These experiences are reserved for students in their final year of study at an accredited medical school. Inquiries and applications should be submitted during the third year to maximize one's chances for placement within the desired time frame.  

Internships: We also work to provide experiential opportunities (formal and informal ‘internships’) for pre-med, medical school students in years 1-3, nursing and allied health students at all stages of their training. Inquiries and applications should be submitted one year to nine months in advance of the desired placement to maximize one's chances for placement within the desired time frame. 

Placements are facilitated in partnership with hospitals and humanitarian projects in the Arab World and Asia. A servant heart, humble spirit and flexible attitude are required. Medical elective opportunities in several countries are currently being promoted and others outside of our current networks occasionally arise.

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  1. Application for Short-Term Service; Background Check; Pre-Field Training and Preparation


  1. Trip Preparation; Service at the Project; Connecting with team of like-minded persons on a regular basis


  1. University or Medical School


Called to Serve

By Short-Term Coordinator on 9/14/2021

Medical Doctor and Family Called to Serve Overseas After Short-Term...

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